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The Way Back from Broken (Fiction - Young Adult)

The Way Back from Broken (Fiction - Young Adult) - Amber J. Keyser YA/Grief/Wilderness Survival/In this book everyone is grieving for a lost child. Rakeman's little sister died in his arms. Jaycie is ten and her brother died in utero. Parents are torn apart in despair. Rakeman goes on a camping trip with another grieving family and ends up on a desperate canoe trip to save Jaycie's mother. Along the way he learns what family is and how to let go. I guess for me, this book just spent so much time dwelling on everyone's pain that I just wanted to get it finished. It is a very unusual topic.

White Crow

White Crow - Marcus Sedgwick Ya/horror/It has all the elements-abandoned English village/ religion/ science/ creepy old house/ strange girl/Devils/a surprise death/redemption for the golden girl

The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic

The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic - Allan Wolf Novel in verse/titanic/historical Well researched Well organized -some concrete construction poetryIncludes many voices from all levels of the ship-including The iceberg

Perfected By Girls

Perfected By Girls - Alfred C. Martino YA, Sports, Wrestling, I didn't finish this. It was just toooo girly even though she is a wrestler. I also was concerned with some eating disorder issues for both boys and girls that didn't seem to be addressed. It really was detailed about the wrestling moves and that was interesting. I just thought it had too many problems for me to continue reading.

The Territory

The Territory - Tricia Fields This is an Adult Mystery set in Texas. It involves drug cartels and guns. It would make a great movie. The Chief of Police is a woman. It has all the elements, a dead body on a couch, guns, drug lords, a crooked cop, border cops and a big chase scene and a surprise for a killer. I liked it and would recommend it to a staff member or older student. Not because of content but because there are a lot of characters and a bit of jumping around.

The Hockey Saint

The Hockey Saint - Howard Shapiro Graphic novel/hockey/do the right thing/Great illustrationsText was rally smallBoys/hockey fans/Canadian content might throw some readers off. Once critic said that the characters were expressionless and that there were no hockey scenes. I still felt that there was some value to the story. It was very gentle on the drinking and smoking and perhaps this is a good thing.

Girl Waits with Gun

Girl Waits with Gun - Amy Stewart YA/Hist Fic/1914 u.s.The Kopps sister's horse buggy is run into by the local silk dyeing businessman. this sets off a chain of events in which Kaufman bullies, harrasses and threatens the three women. Assisted by a caring sheriff and his deputies Kaufman is brought to justice. This is areal time periodiece.


Ripper - Stefan Petrucha YA/mystery/hist-Fica twist on the jack the ripper story. Set in 1880,s New York City. Orphan boy taken in by the Pinkerton Agency. This is for gadget loving mystery lovers. It is fast paced and engaging. Target reader-a grade nine boy.

Code of Honor

Code of Honor - Alan Gratz YA/present day/ adventurePersian American soldier accused of treason. First half of the book is slow. 2nd half picks up but a little too far fetched. I didm;t like how he just killed people off without a real depth of feeling. The main character wants understanding but I still think the novel lacked depth. Maybe the boys would like it because of the action

Death Coming Up the Hill

Death Coming Up the Hill - Chris Crowe Y/A Novel In Verse/ 1968 U.S.This is the story of one country and one boy's life in the year of 1968 when the U.S. was involved in Vietnam and each week the death count rose. Ashe's parents are polar opposites mimicking the conflict in the U.S. about war, race relations and politics

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly - Stephanie Oakes ya/cults/realistic fiction/mysteryThis is a gritty look at religious cults and the fanatical hold that they have on their members. It reinforces the power of reading and asking why. the story is told in the present and in flash backs. I was a bit diaointed with the last couple of lines.

Something About America

Something About America - Maria Testa YA/Novel in Verse/ Immigrant/ Set in Lewiston/ Very east but powerful as well. Set around the Mayor of Lewiston's comments about the Somali community. Might be nicely paired with the Good Braider and Out of Nowhere

All the Rage

All the Rage - Courtney Summers YA/Realistic Fiction? Rape/ For readers who loved Thirteen Reasons WhyRomy is bullied and friendless at her school after she accuses the sheriff's son of rape. No one believes her but she is incredibly resiliant and eventually shows the town who she is after a high school girl goes missing. This story shows how young people can escape their high school and small towns. I especially liked the portrayal of the mum and her boyfriend.


Conviction - Kelly Loy Gilbert YA realistic christian fictionBaseballI found the bargaining with God a bit tedious. Also the father didn't,get punished for his murder of the policeman and tormenting of his sons. I don't know if there is enough of a distinction between the God of crazy man and a loving and accepting deity. It is thought provoking.

Cold Skin

Cold Skin - Steven Herrick Novel in verse Australia, murder. Multle narratars so well done. I had noises who had killed the girl. it came as a complete surprise. EEddie is a noble young man despite his family.

The Dress Shop of Dreams

The Dress Shop of Dreams - Menna van Praag England, present day, magic realism, This is for fans of hoffman and addison-allen. It is a sweet story but rather predictable. It is a nice palette cleanser.